High-Availability For Your Virtual Machines

Now with Virtiant - HA & DR, you can protect, run and recover your business-critical applications & data
during unplanned and planned disruptions.

Safeguard your Profits and Productivity

Withstand any unplanned or planned disruption, mitigate the risk of downtime, and let your customers and users venture on, uninterrupted.

With Virtiant – HA & DR, you can –

Remain ResilientDefeat DisruptionSave The Day
Persist through the unexpected and known without interference to application and data services to end users.
Have a plan B ready to go & move application and data workloads with ease, both locally and to the cloud.
Move forward with the confidence of having a reliable Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery solution at the ready.

Raise Your Backup and Disaster Recovery Game

Remove multi-vendor complexity and reduce overhead with one simple to use Perpetual Data Availability Stack for the cost and time conscious.

All you need in one powerful solution

Combine Data Protection, High-Availability, and Disaster Recovery into a single technology stack to withstand any disruption and move forward with peace of mind.