Application Virtualization Platform

What are the benefits of Application Virtualization?

SaaSSpace EasyConnect is a fast, simple, and safe remote access solution that seamlessly integrates SSL-VPN and application virtualization, then uses WAN Optimization technologies to accelerate them.

SaaSSpace EasyConnect is a full-featured secure remote access platform for easy-to-use, anytime, anywhere connectivity. Remote and mobile users can quickly and easily access internal resources, applications and files – using any device with a web browser.

Next Generation Firewall

What NG Firewall can do for your business?

Network attacks are becoming more sophisticated every day. Traditional firewalls are no longer effective at coping with ongoing and emerging threats. SaaSSpace’s next-generation firewall (NGFW) is designed to defend attacks end to end, from layer 2 to layer 7, in multigigabit speed, with the focus on the application layer. As a platform of network security policies, SaaSSpace’s NGFW enforces a bidirectional security policy on users, applications, URLs, data payload and contents. SaaSSpace’s NGFW allows the information technology organization to better defend against increasingly sophisticated network threats, identifying and blocking the misuse of applications precisely and effectively.

SaaSspace SDDC

What is SaaSSpace SDDC?

SaaSSpace SDDC is a next generation Software Defined Data Center – SDDC

WAN Optimization

How WAN Optimization works?

SaaSSpace WAN Optimization improves your Internet, WAN, and cloud speeds through better traffic flow, reduced congestion, and faster transmission. Branch offices and remote users enjoy a LAN-like experience with faster application performance, downloads, and data transfers.