EasyConnect – Any Application on Any device, Anywhere



EasyConnect is a fast, simple, and safe remote access solution that seamlessly integrates SSL-VPN and application virtualization, then uses WAN Optimization technologies to accelerate them.

SaaSSpace EasyConnect is a full-featured secure remote access platform for easy-to-use, anytime, anywhere connectivity. Remote and mobile users can quickly and easily access internal resources, applications and files – using any device with a web browser.


  • Quickly and easily access internal resources, applications and files at anywhere anytime by any devices.
  • Achieve up to 10 times faster connection speeds
  • Eliminate up to 90% of redundant traffic for remote users.
  • Seamlessly integrate with Active Directory and existing IT environment
  • Cost effective solutions, no CAPEX with flexible payment options

EasyConnect combines SSL VPN, Application Virtualization, and WAN Optimization into one remote access solution.

  • SaaSSpace SSL-VPN is a proven success that was trusted by thousand customers. It was also recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for SSL VPN in 2011. SSL VPN creates a tunnel so that the applications in the endpoint can access the services in the internal network. The tunnel is optimized by WAN optimization technologies to accelerate the traffic. SaaSSpace SSL VPN includes embedded network acceleration technologies that reduce bandwidth consumption and can achieve up to 50 times faster connection speeds.
  • Application virtualization pushes the window of the application to the PC/iOS/Android. Instead of using standard RDP, the application virtualization uses SRAP, a WAN-Optimized-RDP. The performance of SRAP is faster than other RDP in many cases.
  • Integrated WAN Optimization makes EasyConnect stand out among any other SSL-VPN or App-Virtualization solutions. The SaaSSpace WAN Optimization eliminates redundant traffic, and accelerates access speeds for remote users.
  • All traffic is secured by SSL. Multi-layered security protection includes authentication, endpoint security, transmitting security and resource authorization policies.