WAN Optimization



SaaSSpace WAN Optimization improves your Internet, WAN, and cloud speeds through better traffic flow, reduced congestion, and faster transmission. Branch offices and remote users enjoy a LAN-like experience with faster application performance, downloads, and data transfers.

The SaaSSpace WAN Optimization supports local Web and file caching, firewall functionality, good application and URL classification and control, IP VPN termination, and link load balancing, making it an ideal “all in one box” solution for branch offices that use direct Internet access, particularly connecting to cloud services.





Increase productivity with more responsive applications and bandwidth management

Lower costs by eliminating or delaying the need to upgrade bandwidth

Shorten backup times by 50%
Transfer data up to 60x faster
Improve application performance up to 100x
Maximize bandwidth utilization by reducing data size up to 95%
Understand, track, and control over 2,800 applications running on your network

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