SaaSSpace Software Defined Data Center

SaaSSpace SDDC is a software stack that consists of Hypervisor, VSAN (Virtual SAN), SDN (Software Defined Network) and NFV (Network Function virtualization). So that you can run any business applications on SaaSSpace SDDC easily and cost effectively.

Network Virtualization – aNet

aNET creates a overlay SDN for virtual machines. WYSIWYG allows you drag and drop distributed logical vSwitch and virtual distribute vRouter to create virtual network in seconds. Micro-segmentation enables security at virtual machine level.

  • Backup and restore Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks: Backup and restore virtual machines without third-party software. Prevent data loss due to physical damages, virus attacks, or employee errors.
  • Automate failover to minimize downtime: If any server, storage, or network device fails, running virtual machines are automatically migrated to a working server without downtime.
  • Migrate live virtual machines without interrupting applications: Update and maintain server hardware without downtime by migrating running virtual machines to different parts of your data center.


Storage Virtualization – aSAN

aSAN is the virtual SAN that creates a shared storage pool across all physical nodes. With SSD cache, it provides fast storage access and seamless workload fail over. Once the storage is insufficient, you can incrementally add more nodes to the cluster to expend the storage pool.

  • Create and manage virtual networks easily with aSV’s WYSIWYG editor: Drag and drop elements to automatically create them in your network topology. Create advanced networks in seconds, including virtual switches, routers, firewalls, and application delivery etc.
  • Visualize data flow through your virtual networks: Graphic network topology maps show the traffic flow of every device on your network.
  • Intuitive troubleshooting: Use aSV’s “Test Connectivity” tool to quickly and easily troubleshoot problems in the network.

Compute Virtualization – aSV

aSV is the hypervisor base on KVM with lots of enterprise features built in, including live migration, back up and disaster recovery, and dynamic resource scheduler etc. You can migrate workload from VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper V, and physical server etc. to Sangfor aSV.

  • Industry standard KVM hypervisor with enterprised based features.
  • Enhanced backup/replication and snapshot services to offer the highest level of security for your valuable data.
  • Automatic failover, high availbility and live migration for predictable SLA.

Network Functions Virtualization – NFV

NFV provides network services including Next Generation Firewall, Application Deliver Controller, WAN Optimization Controller, EasyConnect/SSLVPN, etc. All these virtual networking appliances can be deployed within a few clicks.

  • Intigrated NFV functionality at the core of the SDDC.
  • Advanced Application functionlity built in including Firewall, WAN optimization, and ADC.
  • No need to purchase third party products.

 EasyConnect РAny Application on Any device, Anywhere


EasyConnect is a fast, simple, and safe remote access solution that seamlessly integrates SSL-VPN and application virtualization, then uses WAN Optimization technologies to accelerate them.

SaaSSpace EasyConnect is a full-featured secure remote access platform for easy-to-use, anytime, anywhere connectivity. Remote and mobile users can quickly and easily access internal resources, applications and files – using any device with a web browser.

  • Quickly and easily access internal resources, applications and files at anywhere anytime by any devices.
  • Achieve up to 10 times faster connection speeds
  • Eliminate up to 90% of redundant traffic for remote users.
  • Seamlessly integrate with Active Directory and existing IT environment
  • Cost effective solutions, no CAPEX with flexible payment options

EasyConnect combines SSL VPN, Application Virtualization, and WAN Optimization into one remote access solution.

  • SaaSSpace SSL-VPN is a proven success that was trusted by thousand customers. It was also recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for SSL VPN in 2011. SSL VPN creates a tunnel so that the applications in the endpoint can access the services in the internal network. The tunnel is optimized by WAN optimization technologies to accelerate the traffic. Sangfor SSL VPN includes embedded network acceleration technologies that reduce bandwidth consumption and can achieve up to 50 times faster connection speeds.
  • Application virtualization pushes the window of the application to the PC/iOS/Android. Instead of using standard RDP, the application virtualization uses SRAP, a WAN-Optimized-RDP. The performance of SRAP is faster than other RDP in many cases.
  • Integrated WAN Optimization makes EasyConnect stand out among any other SSL-VPN or App-Virtualization solutions. The SaaSSpace WAN Optimization eliminates redundant traffic, and accelerates access speeds for remote users.
  • All traffic is secured by SSL. Multi-layered security protection includes authentication, endpoint security, transmitting security and resource authorization policies.

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WAN Optimization

sangfor-wan-optimizationSaaSSpace WAN Optimization improves your Internet, WAN, and cloud speeds through better traffic flow, reduced congestion, and faster transmission. Branch offices and remote users enjoy a LAN-like experience with faster application performance, downloads, and data transfers.

The SaaSSpace WAN Optimization supports local Web and file caching, firewall functionality, good application and URL classification and control, IP VPN termination, and link load balancing, making it an ideal “all in one box” solution for branch offices that use direct Internet access, particularly connecting to cloud services.



Increase productivity with more responsive applications and bandwidth management

Lower costs by eliminating or delaying the need to upgrade bandwidth

Shorten backup times by 50%
Transfer data up to 60x faster
Improve application performance up to 100x
Maximize bandwidth utilization by reducing data size up to 95%
Understand, track, and control over 2,800 applications running on your network

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