About SaaSSpace

SaaSSpace was created on the philosophy that IT Users only care about two critical things; their data, and their applications. With this in mind, we offloaded the entire core IT infrastructure and server management off your plate, and deliver what is critical to our users. Many companies have moved to the cloud, and/or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) or want to.

There are many definitions of moving to the cloud. Most scenarios still require extensive hands on management with talented IT resources, multiple vendors to manage, and multiple web portals to access your applications and data. With SaaSSpace you have one location for all your data, and all your apps. Simple. Safe. Secure! SaaSSpace has built our robust system on Enterprise Grade infrastructure, Dell Servers, Next Generation Firewall, Windows Servers, WAN Optimization, SSL VPN, Single Sign On, High Availability with Load Balancing & Clustering, Deep Security (Virus, Malware, Cybersecurity) High Security Data Centers that meet compliance, and skilled work force to manage.